Inspection Specialists

Heldoorn Manufacturing Inc. is a company that is an industry leader in the field of precision machining and fabrication. Additionally, Heldoorn Manufacturing Inc. is committed to an on-going program of continuous improvements in the overall quality of both products and systems to ensure a superior product with on time delivery.

Inspection Equipment

  • Brown & Sharpe Mistral 7-10-05
  • Mitutoyo PH-350 Comparator
  • Microflat Surface Plate 8'x3'
  • Wilson Hardness Tester
  • Master Gage Thread Ring and Thread Plug Gages
  • Brown and Sharpe Supermike
  • Mitutoyo Supermike
  • Microheight Trimos 600+

Inspection Capabilities

  • Quality Engineering
  • Coordinate Measuring Machine
  • Casting and Forging Layout
  • Open Inspection setups of simple and complex parts
  • Magnet Particle and Flourescent Penetrant
  • X-Ray

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